You are currently viewing Make Your Mondays Easier Than Ever…the 8th Wonder of Project Management Tools! project management tool. Screenshot from my Samsung Note 9 Galaxy phone. Image by Dolly Hiller.

Make Your Mondays Easier Than Ever…the 8th Wonder of Project Management Tools!

Who hasn’t experienced that overwhelming feeling of despair? Your virtual boss has assigned you an event to produce for your multi-million-dollar client and requires you to coordinate with 25 team members in three countries with different times zones within 48 hours.

Yikes! As a public relations professional, you’re panicking about how to get all this done. Can you really meet your boss’s unrealistic demands and keep the client happy, while ensuring your staff stays sane?

Faced with this recent issue, I was thrilled to come across, as it proved to be a lifesaver. In a Google search for project management applications, I came across and realized it was an ideal project management communications tool capable of handling complex, time-sensitive projects. allows me to align team collaboration objectives and goals no matter where I am.

For starters, the onboarding process at was very intuitive, much like the application itself, and it didn’t take very long to set up my project. Their website advertises “Set up in minutes,” and that wasn’t a lie. As soon as I started, the colorful icons made it both fun and easy. It’s essentially a workflow chart that consists of boards or projects and tasks, which they call pulses. Interestingly, was originally called “dapulse.” Boards can be customized, or you can pick from many remote work templates, specifically designed for your industry.

Other standout features of include whiteboard collaboration, embedded documents, project timeline views, map views, digital asset management, and my favorite, zoom integration. Everyone knows how valuable zoom is nowadays. And one really outstanding feature is that allows for 3 to 200 plus users (!

Digital asset management (DAM) feature
Digital asset management (DAM) feature. Screenshot from my desktop. Image by Dolly Hiller.

However, with every application, there’s always the flip side to fantastic functionality. only offers a 14-day free trial. After the 14-day trial, you will have to choose from several plans ranging from Basic to Enterprise. The Basic plan, which is $8 per user per month, really does just cover the basics. The Standard plan is most popular at $10 per user per month, and it includes everything in the Basic package, plus forms, communications with context, unlimited free viewers, IOS and Android apps, timeline, calendar, share boards with guests, automation and integration. The Pro package offers even more, but it will cost you $16 per month per user. offers an Enterprise package – and you have to contact their sales department for that kind of service ( is available for your mobile device and computer, but the mobile app does not include the following boards: files view, map view, and workload view ( is my choice for tracking all my public relations project needs, where I can plan and track all my projects PLUS collaborate in one super-convenient and incredibly useful tool!